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Voting Rights in Richmond, Virginia

The Virginia Association for Home Care and Hospice is the most influential and respected organization enabling the home to be the healthcare setting of choice. Our members strive to protect the rights of seniors and disabled Americans, their families, and their caregivers through education and advocacy.
Bring the Vote Home
Bring the Vote Home is a voluntary community initiative dedicated to assisting homebound senior citizens, disabled Americans, and those who care for them to exercise their right to vote. Home care providers and beneficiaries make up a rapidly growing portion of the population and their concerns and values should be heard and reflected by all elected officials. Bring the Vote Home seeks to make that goal a reality.
Voting Pins, Voting Rights in Regency, VA

Nearly 3.5 million Americans receive Medicare home healthcare services delivered by approximately 500,000 skilled home healthcare professionals. Because these beneficiaries must be homebound in order to be eligible for the Medicare home health benefit, they may be unable to travel to their local polling place to participate in the election process.

Bring the Vote Home is dedicated to helping them overcome this obstacle so they can participate in important national and state elections.

Our voter registration services are available without regard to political preference. Information and other assistance regarding registration or voting shall not be withheld or refused on the basis of support for or opposition to particular candidates or a particular party.

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